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Time Completes It
Burle Marx: classics and unpublished.

From October 30, 2021 to February 6, 2022 at Casa Roberto Marinho


Lauro Cavalcanti e Isabela Ono

“Time Completes It” is the first exhibition that presents the unpublished works from Burle Marx Institute's collection, a recent non-profit civil society organization, with the goal of preserving and celebrating the legacy.

There are about 130 pieces, including drawings, photographs, project plans, sketches, models, documents and paintings by Roberto Burle Marx and his collaborators, selected by the attentive eye of the curators Lauro Cavalcanti and Isabela Ono.

The exhibition deals with this very current idea of collective construction. In an analysis of Burle Marx's projects with my father, one can perceive the desire to have greener, more accessible, and inclusive cities that privilege spaces for contemplation and gathering.
Isabela Ono, associate curator of the exhibition and executive director of the Burle Marx Institute.