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Based on the contributions of Burle Marx and his collaborators, the Institute wants to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and reflections, expand partnerships and connect with initiatives that allow thinking and building new alternatives for the future.

In 2020, the Burle Marx Institute began the inventory of its collection of approximately120,000 items in different works (landscape projects, sketches, photographs and documentation) through the support of an international foundation and, in 2021, the Institute carried out its first public action and exhibition of unpublished pieces from its collection, inpartnership with Casa Roberto Marinho, in the exhibition "Time Completes It. Burle Marx:Classics and Unpublished". In 2022, the Institute held a new exhibition of its collection in SãoPaulo, at FIESP, in the exhibition “Constructed Landscape: São Paulo and Burle Marx”.

The Burle Marx Institute lends works from its collection to other national and international exhibitions, with the aim of valuing and disseminating the collective legacy of Burle Marx and his collaborators. More information, please contact: info@institutoburlemarx.org

It is gratifying to see materialized the desire to open the collections and share drawings, projects and documents, previously carefully archived at the Burle Marx Landscape Studio and which, today, through the Institute, reveal choices and creative processes of this collective legacy, highlighting the role of other actors directly involved in Burle Marx's landscape production: creative partners, architects, botanists, gardeners, modernist personalities and artists of the time.

The Institute is constantly looking for support and partnerships that will enable the continuation of the work of cataloging, preserving and digitizing the collection, with the objective of promoting new exhibitions and publications, and having a database available for research, oriented towards initiatives of education, culture and environment.